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Donations help provide extra comfort to people at the end of life

Thanks to charitable donations, end of life comfort boxes are being introduced by the hospital’s Palliative Care team.

The Palliative Care team at MKUH provide expert advice and support to all areas of the hospital. When a patient reaches the end of life, the care offered by the team supports both those in their last few days and those looking after them.

Made possible by donations to Milton Keynes Hospital Charity, the boxes contain a variety of items, including palliative and end of life care leaflets, essential toiletries, a bedside radio, and a notebook and pens.

Philip Ball, Lead Nurse Palliative and End of Life Care, said: “We know that the people important to a dying patient often want to be with them and that they need looking after too.

“Thanks to the Milton Keynes Hospital Charity, we have been able to create these boxes that have a selection of items that will make being with the dying person more comfortable and personal. From hand cream and a toothbrush to a small lamp or radio, it all helps.”

Vanessa Holmes, Associate Director, Charity and Fundraising, said: “I’m so pleased that the Milton Keynes Hospital Charity team could support this wonderful initiative for people at the end of their life in hospital.

“Charitable donations can and do make a huge difference – and we’re so proud to help our hospital support dying patients with these comfort boxes.”

“Milton Keynes Hospital Charity raises money for all wards and departments at Milton Keynes University Hospital, helping to improve patient experience and ensure that their stay at the hospital is as comfortable and positive as possible.”

The comfort boxes will be distributed to wards across MKUH during December.