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We’re hugely grateful to PJ Care for this donation, which comes after chairman Neil Russell and his wife Michaela had their son Alfie cared for in Milton Keynes University Hospital’s Neonatal Unit (NNU) in 2018.

Alfie was cared for on the unit when he was born seven weeks premature.

“Alfie went into an incubator the moment he was born,” says Neil. “Two days in, he stopped breathing and had to be intubated. He had a hole in one of his lungs which had caused it to collapse. It was a horrible time but the staff were out of this world.

“We had complete confidence in their abilities and they included us in everything involving Alfie. This is our chance to give something back.”

The BabyLeo incubators will greatly enhance the life chances of babies admitted to the hospital’s NNU, which looks after 450 babies born too early, too small or very ill each year.