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The Milton Keynes Cancer Centre sees approximately 125 patients a day for chemotherapy and blood tests alone, primarily from the Milton Keynes vicinity.

Many will require radiotherapy as part of their treatment plan, and currently, many people need to travel as far as Oxford for their treatment.

This 40-mile trip can take hours of journey time, depending on traffic and public transport. When you factor in the daily visits needed during the course of a typical 4 to 7-week programme of treatment, and that patients are likely to be feeling unwell, you can see how this trip can become burdensome for patients and their families. Some miss appointments. And some patients will simply refuse treatment due to the prospect.

It’s for this reason that Milton Keynes University Hospital is building a Radiotherapy Centre, adjacent to the new Cancer Centre with direct access.

In this raw and honest talk with Milton Keynes Hospital Charity, Rachel delves into the stark reality of battling Early Stage Breast Cancer.

She also shares the reason why the need for a dedicated wellbeing space in the hospital’s new Radiotherapy Centre is so important – not only for those undergoing treatment, but for caregivers and loved ones too.

We’re supporting the completion of the new Radiotherapy Centre by fundraising for a special wellbeing area on the site. This new facility will offer a safe and peaceful haven for anyone undergoing cancer treatment at the Trust, and for their friends and family too.

It’ll be a relaxed and comfortable area, situated in a beautiful garden. Volunteers will be on hand to help patients and families, and in time, access to support groups and counsellors will be available.

We’re raising £500,000 towards this new wellbeing space. To make a donation, no matter how big or small, please click on the button below or email fundraising@mkuh.nhs.uk.

Thank you.