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The Henry Allen Trust funds ‘Trained by Henry’ nurses at Milton Keynes University Hospital

Milton Keynes University Hospital met with The Henry Allen Trust last week to celebrate their first ‘Trained by Henry’ nurse.

The Henry Allen Trust donated more than £2,000 to fund extra special training for the children’s oncology nurse, which was recently completed.

They announced on the day that they would continue to fund another ‘Trained by Henry’ nurse in 2019 too.

Dawn Allen, founder of The Henry Allen Trust, said: “Here at Henry’s Towers we are beyond thrilled to continue to make a real difference to our local hospital here in Milton Keynes. Team Henry has pledged to fund to train an oncology nurse every year for the paediatrics team.”

Catherine Swailes, Matron for Children’s Services, said: “We would like to offer a sincere thanks to Dawn and everyone at The Henry Allen Trust; enhancing the care we give children going through cancer. We’re so grateful for their support!”

Vanessa Holmes, Head of Fundraising at the Hospital added: “Partnering with other charities is really important to us, and we’re delighted to have the support of such an important local charity. Thank you Dawn and supporters of The Henry Allen Trust for helping us in this way.”

For more information on The Henry Allen Trust people can visit www.thehenryallentrust.org.uk.