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Milton Keynes Hospital Charity helps patients get outdoors

Patients on Ward 3 at Milton Keynes University Hospital now have access to their very own courtyard garden thanks to a project funded by Milton Keynes Hospital Charity.

For many years the courtyard, which is overlooked by the ward, was an unusable space, but with help of grant funding and volunteer support, two years ago it was made into a beautiful area within the hospital site.

The hospital’s charity has now been able to go a step further and help provide access to the space directly from the ward, transforming it into a fantastic welcoming area for patients and staff to use.

Tracy Davis, Senior Sister on Ward 3 said: “A lot of patients on the ward have dementia or delirium and they can get restless, so having a courtyard that they can access to go for a walk, get some air and sunshine, or sit and have a chat is fantastic. It’s a peaceful, soothing area which is perfect for taking a break from the ward, which can be very noisy at times”.

“In the past, staff would take patients out for walks to other garden areas within the hospital, but this wasn’t always possible so having something accessible from the ward itself is positive for everyone. It’s a secure space too, so patients can sit outside with a cup of tea by themselves if they want to, which gives them a sense of independence.”

“Next year we plan to plant sunflowers and have additional seating, so this will be an area for everyone to enjoy and develop for many years to come.”

Jenny Howells, Senior Fundraiser at Milton Keynes Hospital Charity said: “It’s such a joy to see patients using the courtyard and getting a bit of fresh air. We are delighted to have been able to fund this project and make a difference to all those who have and will use the space.”