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Tired patient day room transformed using charitable funds

This week the new Day Room for Ward 3 was finished and opened. The room was funded by charitable donations received this year

Ward 3 at Milton Keynes University Hospital cares for some of our older and more vulnerable patients. Spending time in hospital can be difficult and the staff on the ward were keen to have a space for patients and their families to use to and take a break from the main ward.

The ward already had a ‘Day Room’ although under furnished and uninviting the space felt like a waiting room. It was not used by patients, rather a space to store equipment. Ward 3 Day room has been completely transformed into a space that feels relaxed and homely. A sanctuary for patients to enjoy time away from their bed on the ward both alone, and with their families during visiting hours.

The calm space also provides the team on the ward somewhere having difficult conversations about patients’ treatment.

Ward 3 Day Room BEFORE
Ward 3 Day room NOW

The day room is now a multi-purpose space, somewhere patients can go either on their own or with their families, it is a different environment to their bedside chairs and can be used as a private space for therapy or to break bad news.

For patients who are confused or agitated its very helpful to have somewhere alternative they can go to escape the hustle and bustle and sometimes its helpful to have an alternative space in order to give other patients some breathing space!

Tracy Davis, Senior Sister for Ward 3

Milton Keynes Hospital Charity is committed to improving patient experience and we are thankful to generous supporters who make this possible. If you would like to find out more about how you can support patients at MKUH please email: Fundraising@mkuh.nhs.uk or call 01908 996 221.