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Milton Keynes Hospital Charity supports staff room refurbishments

As part of its ongoing commitment to improving staff health and wellbeing, Milton Keynes University Hospital (MKUH) is undertaking a significant refurbishment of all staff room areas across the site.

The Trust commenced the refurbishment programme in December 2021, with the aim to improve facilities so that all staff will have a comfortable, relaxing and well-equipped environment close to their working area where they can take a break. In line with the hospital’s ambition to be net carbon zero, any old furniture removed which is still usable will look to be recycled, either in the hospital by other departments or by local specialist suppliers

Ward 1 & 2 Staff Room BEFORE
Ward 1 & 2 Staff Room AFTER

The new staff rooms initiative, launched as part of the hospital’s ‘Love MKUH’ campaign, is being funded by the Trust along with significant support from the Milton Keynes Hospital Charity and a grant from the national NHS Charities Together, which will see the overhaul of more than 40 locations across the hospital.

Staff have been heavily involved in contributing to where they feel the need for refurbishment is required and the many benefits that they will enjoy once the programme is complete. The areas have been selected following an audit into staff room facilities and have been prioritised based on their current condition and the accessibility of the area.

Vanessa Holmes, Associate Director, Milton Keynes Hospital Charity said:

“The mental health and wellbeing of our staff is vital, and something the charity is committed to support now and in the future. Alongside a grant from NHS Charities Together, it has been a privilege working on this staff room refurbishment programme; hearing first-hand the positive impact it has had. Thank you to everyone who has supported our charity and helped make this happen.”

Phase one of the programme has now been completed, with 15 staff rooms being refurbished within a short time period. These areas were identified as being the highest priority due to their physical condition and the number of colleagues using these areas. This includes the completion of the Central Booking Office, domestics, Outpatients Ultrasound, Phase 2 Theatres, Physiotherapy and 9 Wards. The transformation in these areas saw new flooring, updated painting and brand-new furniture, enabling colleagues to come together in one social space.

Laki Yassin, Senior Sister for Ward 2 at MKUH, one of the areas included in phase one of the programme, said:

“The overhaul of the staff room on wards 1 and 2 has been an incredible transformation. Having a dedicated, clean, comfortable and light space where colleagues can go to have a break is so important and already we are seeing more and more staff members making the most of the facilities. All members of the team really appreciate the difference the project has made.”