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Journalling to support staff at MKUH

One of the ways we’ve been supporting staff recently – funded by our Covid-19 appeal – is with journalling.

Working with mental health organisation Sanctus, we’re offering #TeamMKUH the opportunity to take part in jounalling workshops, gifting staff a journal and pen to help them get started.

Vicky, one of the MKUH nursing team, said: “Thank you for introducing me to Sanctus. I’ve really benefited from using the journaling function. I’ve found writing how I am feeling from a certain prompt has in most cases removed that feeling from my “worry bank” as I call it.

“It makes a difference being able to express how you are feeling in that moment but also about what we have experienced. Having a safe place for me to write how I feel with no judgement I feel is much better for my mental health.”

Thank you for supporting our charity so we can offer this to staff.

To find out more about Sanctus, visit https://sanctus.io/

And if you’re a member of #TeamMKUH and would like to find out more, please drop us an email at fundraising@mkuh.nhs.uk.