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Be Seen In Green this October and make a difference to little lives at Milton Keynes University Hospital

Milton Keynes Hospital Charity is inviting you to Be Seen In Green this October and help raise money for the neonatal unit at the hospital.

The concept is simple; organise a fundraiser, give it a green theme and help raise money for our charity.

Be Seen In Green, which was launched as a major annual event by the charity last year, aims to raise £25,000 to fund a very special incubator called a ‘BabyLeo’.

These incubators greatly enhance the life chances of babies born too early, too small, or very ill at Milton Keynes University Hospital – as well as making the experience for parents and staff in the neonatal unit much better too. At present the neonatal unit at the hospital has ‘NHS standard’ incubators to help look after the 450 babies who are cared for on the unit each year.

Karen Rice, Lead Nurse on the neonatal unit said: “I love that the top of the BabyLeo incubator can lift right up! Normally we would have to access the baby through the portholes to prevent the baby getting cold. This incubator has a special ‘air curtain’ which is activated when the lid is up, keeping the baby warm. This is especially important in resuscitation scenarios or inserting central lines into the baby. Temperature control is extremely important in both preterm and sick term babies – the BabyLeo would mean we wouldn’t have to try and move the baby to another piece of equipment, so it’s very versatile”.

Jenny Howells, Senior Fundraiser at Milton Keynes Hospital Charity continued: “2020 has not been a year any of us expected, so we hope the community will show their support towards Be Seen In Green – our only fundraising event of the year. Whether you organise a virtual pub quiz, step a marathon at home, or take on an online knit-a-thon, you’ll be helping us to make a big difference”.

To get involved email fundraising@mkuh.nhs.uk or call 01908 997643.