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Mortgage broker gives to charity when you switch!

Considering re-mortgaging to save money?

Switch Save Donate with fundUgive2, an experienced and caring local mortgage broker based in Milton Keynes whose service is free and who will also donate to us when you do!

They can find the most competitive rates, including exclusive deals not available on the high street, and help you decide which one saves the most money and works best for you.

You can switch by speaking to fundUgive2 up to six months before your current deal expires to lock in a new rate.

· Fixed rate deals have launched at less than 1% so now could be a good time to switch and save.

· Competitive deals are also available for even five or ten year fixed terms.

· Past credit issues will not stop you getting a new deal from your current lender, known as a Product Transfer.

· If you have been automatically rolled onto your lender’s Standard Variable Rate, this is now likely to be more expensive than the cheapest available Fixed Rate.

Please visit fundUgive2.com or email Michaela on mchard@fundugive2.com for help or more information