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Creating ‘out of the ordinary’ experiences

In a galaxy not so far, far away at Milton Keynes University Hospital… 🌌

Picture this:   

It’s a Sunday afternoon.

A stormtrooper, TIE pilot, and Deadpool have been spotted outside Children’s ED.

What’s going on?

These known characters have come to surprise poorly young patients on our Children’s Wards and Children’s ED. Families and staff are pretty happy to see them too!

But what galaxy did they come from?

Founded back in 2000 by the late Graham Campbell, 501st UK Garrison is a renowned not-for-profit costuming organisation with a passion for building movie accurate costumes, raising money for charity, and putting smiles on faces. Honourably, they’re all volunteers who do this in their spare time.

Ginny (pictured far right in the right-hand photo below) got in touch with our fundraising team to organise an out of this world visit and we knew it would go down a ‘storm’ with young patients.

We’d like to give a special thanks to Play Specialist Laura Clarke (pictured in between the Stormtrooper and TIE pilot in the left photo below), and our MKUH colleagues on the Children’s Wards and Children’s ED for helping to facilitate the visit.

Thank you UK Garrison!

And of course, we’d like to extend a thank you of astronomical proportions to the super UK Garrison team – Shiv, Dan, Mark, and Ginny, for creating a really magical and cherished moment for so many patients, families, and staff at the hospital.

If you’d like to support our Children’s Ward or Children’s ED specifically, we’re always incredibly grateful for donations, big or small. Your generosity not only helps us create cherished moments for our young patients and their families, but also enables us to purchase play equipment and arts and crafts materials that fall outside of NHS funding.