Can you give regularly?

Make a difference with regular donations

We’re incredibly grateful to all the wonderful people who support the hospital by fundraising and donating – you’re all making a huge difference to patients, families and staff. But did you know that you could help us do even more by making a small but regular donation to the hospital? 

Donating £5 a month would cost each donor just 17p every day, but would make a huge difference to the hospital.

Having this predictable income would allow us to: 

  • Support more projects around the hospital
  • Invest in bigger projects that take longer to plan and bring to life
  • Have the resources to react quickly to new challenges faced by our patients and staff

Making regular donations is very easy for you, too: just visit our online donation portal and choose how often you’d like to donate, and how much. You can cancel at any time, if your situation changes, so you stay in control of your donations.

Whether you’re able to give a regular donation or not, we’re so grateful to you for your continued support for our local hospital.

Thank you!