St Paul’s Catholic School

The students and staff at St Paul’s Catholic School celebrated Be Seen In Green and held a number of fundraising events and activities during Lent.

The school commented: “Service to others is an integral part of our school ethos and charity fundraising is one of the ways we bring this to life. Each term we support a different charity and for our Lent term the Post-16 team at St Paul’s shortlisted a number of charities which were put to a student vote. The charity that our students overwhelmingly wanted to raise funds for was MKCH.

We found our involvement with MKCH to be a great partnership. The charity gave us some excellent advice on fundraising, spent time with our students and really helped to motivate and support us. Our students responded enthusiastically through a range of fundraising activities including sales of sweet treats and our own ‘Be Seen in Green’day.

As a result of our efforts a total of £841.66 was raised for MKHC”!